Curriculum Focus

THINK ABOUT THIS........Students need to be exposed to and have adequate practice with the next test item formats for FSA. The recommended strategy is a gradual introduction of each item type, not an all at once approach. Try out a new item type every few weeks, and allow students to become comfortable with each one before moving to the next. As you build common assessments, keep the majority of your questions in the familiar formats, but add a new item type all along, so that gradually your common assessments become primarily composed of the new item types. Students will gain familiarity and confidence and won't have any nasty surprises this spring! ~That tip brought to you by the principal of a school where an overly ambitious PLC built a common assessment introducing all 8 Math item types at once....(you can guess how that turned out, demonstrating most effectively, this is not about PERFECTION, but about ACTION....and learning...and growing...and giving your students your very best!).

Maybe this will help us with all of our D's and F's in Math.

    Flipped Faculty....Slides from Nov. 3rd Principal's Meeting.

    Important Information

    Please make sure your students have picked out a word for the Vocabulary Parade. The students should know the meaning of their word. The parents need to be informed that we are having a Vocabulary Parade and the students are dressing up as their word.

    Please pass out your SPLASH bracelets on Friday. I totally forgot to mention it on ITV.

    This Week....

    Monday: Soar to Success Training with Karen Beck in the computer lab @ 2:15; Kdg-2nd Dance Team Practice; Chorus-2:00

    Tuesday: MTSS Team A; K-Kids @2:00


    Thursday: Holiday Pictures

    Friday: Vocabulary Parade

    Coming Up...

    Monday:  3rd-5th Dance Team; Flag Ceremony; Chorus


    Wednesday: Faculty Meeting

    Thursday: Fire Drill


    Happy Birthday

    Nov. 1st - Kathy Edwards,  Nov. 8th Shannon Warren

    Reflection Question

    Are you remediating and reteaching through guided math? If not, why? Remember this year we are really focusing on Learning Gains.

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