The Arabian Peninsula  

By Chad Wallace

The Desert


In the Desert you want to travel with camels because they don't get thirsty all the time and they can carry a lot of wait on there back.        

While traveling in the desert you should go through there at 4:00 because it can get really cold at night and really hot in the middle of the day.



It is found in the desert and a great source for water.

It can be great way to hide your self from danger.

An oases is fresh water.

Coastal Plain  


                                                          A great place to trade with.

                                                   Easy to travel with because water right near by.

                                                   Great way to get water .



                              Its very good for growing crops because you get a lot of rain up there.  

            Its a great place to hide because much harder to get a mountain than just flat land.

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