To Rent A Violin Or Not – Pros And Cons Of This Difficult Decision

Learning how to play a violin can be an exciting time. The instrument offers a challenge that will always keep you on your toes. And the allure of being able to master a classical instrument such as this one will always keep you motivated to try harder and do better. But before the part of learning begins, there is one decision that every prodigy has to make – whether to rent a violin or make an outright purchase of the instrument?

There are many arguments made in favour of and against the decision. Let us see the pros and cons of renting a violin.


If you are a young student, especially between the age of three and fourteen, renting a violin will probably be a better choice for you. At this age, you will need a comparatively smaller sized instrument to be able to handle it and the size will have to be upgraded as you grow. Violins happen to be an expensive musical instrument to purchase and you really do not want to buy a new one every year simply because you outgrew the previous one! But if you rent a violin, you can easily save on a huge deal of the investment and buy one only when your child is old enough to play a full size instrument.

The next scenario where going down the rental route makes sense is when you will require a violin for only a short period of time. It may be the case that you are in a foreign country and need an instrument to make an impromptu performance, or if you plan to be in another country for a short time period of three to six months and do not wish to bring your own instrument along. You might also be just starting out in the musical field and aren’t necessarily sure whether playing a violin is the way you want to hone your talent. By renting a violin, you can save on many unnecessary expenditure and still manage to get the very best from the instrument.


Looking at the flipside of the scenario, by renting a violin you are trying your hand at an instrument that is used or second hand. Its quality can always be considered to be questionable. The handling of all its previous owners/users will have had an effect on the music that will come out from it. If the rental instrument is not properly set up with quality strings and components including the bridge, pegs, tailpiece and chinrest, you may find that you or your child will outgrow the instrument very fast. You will also not get that sense of ownership over the instrument and it will always feel foreign in your hands. People often say that a music learner should try and outgrow the rental stage as fast as possible. You can never expect to get the best playing experience from a rental violin. is the best place where you can rent a violin.

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