To Build A Fire
Extra Credit Opportunity

     One lesson I learned from 'To Build A Fire' is to never give up. I know that the story ended with Jack London giving up, but that just goes to show- If you give up in that situation, you will die. To me, in any life and death situation, I don't care how bad my chances are- I will always beat myself up in order to survive. I take Jack London for example. He died, and, if I was of the same health conditions as London, I likely wouldn't have made it either. But, that wouldn't stop me from trying. But, if the two fires that went out the way they did in "To Build A Fire" happened to me, that would kill me. I would hate that. That would make me want to quit. Considering it was 75 degrees below zero, London did seem fairly calm at the beginning. "Such fact impressed him as being cold and uncomfortable, and that was all." In that situation, I'd be scared as heck.

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