Drug Misuse

Some causes of drug misuse is lossing the lable, and not knowing how much to use.

drug misuse is when you dont follow the instructions when you take a medicine.

When you take a medicing make sure you follow the directions. Make sure you dont take more than your doctor tells you to. Always talk to your doctor before you stop taking your medicine, even if you are feeling better. And never take somebody else's  p

If your not sure how to take a medicine, be sure to talk to your doctor or a pharmacist.

Drug Abuse.

Drug misuse can easily turn into drug abuse. Drug abuse is misusing a drug on purpose. If you take to much your body gets used to a bigger dosage than what you need. Many people start abusing drugs because it makes them feel better, it helps them forget problems, and helps them preform better in sports and other activities. One example is athletes use steroids to be better at sports. Abusing any kind of drug can be dangerous.

If you think you are misusing or abusing drugs you should talk to a doctor or someone who can help you.


Withdrawal is what happens when you stop taking a drug. Withdrawal could be headaches, not being able to sleep, mood changes, depression, racing heart, sweating, nausea, and other symptoms like that. Drug addiction, physical dependence, and  psychological dependence can lead to this.


Drug Addiction is when you cant control when you need a drug. When your addicted you could continue to take it even if it is harming your body. You get addicted to a drug when you abuse it. If you get addicted to a drug you should go to a rehab center to get help. If you need help you could contact freedomdrugrehab.com/DrugAddiction

Drug abuse could lead to dependence.

Physical dependency.

Physical dependency is when your body physically needs a drug. You physically need the drug when you take the drug long enough and your body depends on it. If you have a physical dependency for a drug and you suddenly stop taking the drug you will go into physical withdrawal. Physical withdrawal symptoms are vomiting, joint pain, chills, fever, and other symptoms relating to that.

Psychological dependency.

When you have a psychological dependency its when you mentally and emotionally need the drug. You feel like you need the drug and you cant move on from it.  Some people say that sometimes it is harder to get over a psychological dependency than a physical dependency. You can also go into a psychological withdraw, some symptoms are sleeplessness, nervousness and depression.

By: Lexy Wells, Marissa Roberts,Kandace Shover

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