Importance of Drilled Shafts for Construction

While it might seem counterintuitive sometimes construction must begin deep in the ground when the goal is to reach high in the sky. When this is the case, drilling companies with expertise in drilled shaft systems become the primary experts in the first phases of construction. This type of technique isn’t required in every building project, but drilled shaft designs and soldier pile wall structures are often needed to ensure that construction phases that follow have solid, clean foundations to build upon.

A drilled shaft is a foundational technique that involves placing fluid concrete into a hole that is often dug deep into the ground. Drilling companies tend to be the experts at this particular process simply because of their drilling and excavation prowess. When a drilled shaft foundation is required, it is called for due to several reasons, such as:

  • The weight of the load to be imposed on the foundation.
  • The subsurface materials found on the site. If they are not stable, drilled shaft designs are important for lending stability. Building a tall structure on sandy soil, for example, may result in an unsafe and shoddy outcomes. A drilled shaft, however, lends the strength necessary to support such construction.
  • Other special needs, such as high lateral capacity.
  • The cost involve – Drilled shaft designs and other shoring measures, such as soldier pile wall construction offer cost effective solutions for lending stability to building foundations.

Drilled shafts go by a number of names, including bored piles, drilled piers and caissons. These foundational measures are called for when construction involves creating bridges or large structures that may cause the supporting soil to buckle over time. This particular method of stabilization delivers a number of advantages, including:

  • Cost savings – There are other methods for stabilizing land for tall structures, but drilled shafts tend to be economical and reliable.
  • Easy adaptability – This process is considered extremely versatile. While shaft designs are not recommended for contaminated sites, they are ideal in a number of other circumstances. When site requirements demand flexibility, this makes an excellent choice.
  • High capacity – Drilled shaft designs have proven themselves very reliable for handling high axial and lateral loading capacities. While they might not be recommended in every construction instance, they can provide the stability construction needs to proceed.

When construction involves building tall structures on unstable ground, drilling companies deliver the expertise required to get the job done safety. The best offer a variety of solutions, including the formation of drilled shaft foundations to ensure stability that lasts.

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