Pirate Latitudes by Micheal Crichton

The story is about Captain Charles Hunter (captain of the Cassandra) and his crew seeking to find treasurer. He was hired by the governor of Jamaica to find the it. James Almont, to lead an expedition to the island fortress of Matanceros islands that is protected by the Spaniards. The setting is way back in 1665 England. getting his crew he had a tough time he had to get very fearless people. because the island fortress of Matanceros is a heavily protected fortress. Highly dangerous to the point that people call it a suicide mission. once he finally got it that's where the story begins.

Captain Charles Hunter had a very long and rough journey getting to the island of Matanceros. doing the usual pirate things with his crew the one thing that was smart of them to do. Was hire a jew since none of them knew if the gold or silver was fake or not. Because none of them knew anything but what they usually do.

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