Soul Gift Design for You

Eyes are the window of our souls; and in parallel, the paper cake boxes are the window of the gifts we would like to present to you, since the packaging box arrives at you with our full appreciation to you. Therefore, it comes to the importance of how to fold gift packaging box. This passage is to illustrate some basic principles about gift packaging box with specific details on some particular gift packaging box.

To begin with, plan goes first. For a particular gift, the following factors can be taken into account: Price ratio, Size, Material, Color, Logo, Portability, and its Function. Since different gifts have different wedding cake boxes procedure, here is to take a cup as a sample to illustrate how to fold gift packaging.
The price of a cup is not very high, and it does not take up much space, either. Therefore, it is wise to choose hard paper to make its gift packaging box. At the same time, the gift more often than not goes among young people, especially among students; as a result, in color aspect, red or pink for girls and white for boys can be a nice choice. Depending on the gift-giver's desire, logos can be printed on the paper, for example, for birthday gift.
After checking the above factors, the gift packaging box of a cup can be processed.
First, measure the three-dimensional height of the cup and write down the data. Meanwhile, add three or so extra weight on every data; the extra distance for the protecting sponge of the cup. Second, make a three-dimensional drawing on the paper. Mark the equivalent part of the paper to the cup. Numbers like 1,2,... can be marked as the cup's bottom/front/back .... Third, put the cup on the bottom part of the paper which has been marked. Wrap the protecting sponge with the cup tightly.
Fourth, wrap paper parts to the protected cup step by step. After every wrapping, use little clamps to fix the two connecting parts temporarily. Last, after all the wrapping, tight all the temporary wrappings. And choose proper colorful cheap wedding cake boxes to wrap the cup. Logo can be available with regard the gift-giver's intention.

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