A Child Called "It"

Biography Project for Mrs.hermry's 8th grade Language Arts Class by AL

DAVE,PELZER was born in 12/29/1960

  • He was forced to sleep in the  grouge
  • David childhood was like crap and was abused everyday he would go ten days without food and was treated wares than the dogs heck the dogs where treated better.

Five unique facts

  • mother was mean and cruel
  • mother and father where alcoholic
  • no one helped him
  • he was only 4 when it stared and when someone did finely say something he was 12
  • if you were David do you think you could make it


  • he survived
  • became fearless
  • strong
  • hopeful
  • brave
  • joined the air force

Your message...

the theme of my persons life

the theme of his story is be strong willed and i learned that just like this person if you are being aroused you will become less likely to ask for help unless you speak up and say something.

words of advise and what i have learned

many child abuse victims hide their past deep inside so deep that the possibility of becoming an abuser them selves is unthinkable.They live a normal life becoming husband and wives raising families building careers but the ornery problems of everyday life often force the former abuse victual to behave as they were taught as children.Spouses and and children then become the object of their frustration and they unknowingly come the full cycle of rage.

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