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For over two decades, lawyer Bradford Jacob has worked as a transactional attorney and litigator in Virginia. He served as lead negotiator for more than $4 billion in commercial contracts in the United States and 12 other countries; created more than 500 confidentiality agreements; and successfully defended clients as first chair counsel on more than 30 jury trials seeking multi-million-dollar awards. Currently, Bradford Jacob functions as president of Richmond, Virginia-based EPC Consulting, LLC. His duties include negotiating terms for commercial deals and developing contracts for construction projects both on behalf of owners as well as contractors.

Prior to entering the legal profession, the lawyer earned a bachelor of science in business administration from the University of Richmond E. Claiborne Robins School of Business. He then was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army and served as an assistant operations officer before obtaining his juris doctor from the University of Richmond T.C. Williams School of Law. Later, he accepted a position as an associate attorney with Midkiff & Hiner, PC. He represented clients in matters involving workers' compensation, energy regulation, and general liability. Transitioning to the Norfolk, Virginia, law firm Taylor & Walker, P.C., he gained additional experience defending architect and engineering malpractice cases, medical malpractice and product liability cases. Before forming EPC Consulting, the lawyer managed over $2 billion in contracts for Bechtel as well as serving as Legal Counsel and Director of Contracts for ALSTOM Power Inc. and Delta-T Corporation.                            

Just the Beginning Foundation: Fostering Legal Education in Youth

With a legal background spanning more than 20 years, Bradford Jacob manages the expansion of EPC Consulting, a Contract Management and Negotiation firm based in central Virginia. As a member of the Virginia State Bar, Bradford Jacob is part of a professional network dedicated to upholding the best standards in legal education in the Richmond community.

As the unified agency for the state’s judiciary system, the Virginia Bar Association serves as a hub for organizations committed to the advancement and improvement of the legal profession. To that end, the Just the Beginning Foundation (JTBF) is one of the many organizations cooperating with the state bar to increase the diversity of the legal profession.

The JTBF was established in 1992 by Judge James Parsons, the first African-American United States federal judge, to serve as a pipeline between minority youth and successful careers in law. Through various educational programs ranging from scripted mock trials for sixth-grade students; a 10-day Summer Legal Institute for high school students; and externships and clerkship referrals for college graduates, the JTBF provides a clear pathway to success for underserved youth in Richmond and surrounding communities.

To learn more about the JTBF programs in your area, visit

Three Things to Look for in a Home Construction Contract

A Virginia business executive, Bradford Jacob is the president of EPC Consulting, LLC, in Midlothian, Virginia and Houston, Texas. In this leadership role, Bradford Jacob has negotiated more than $40 billion in commercial contracts for the energy and construction industries.

Home construction contracts are just as important to individuals as commercial construction contracts are to large companies. When it comes time to sign a home construction contract, it is important to make sure that the contract covers all necessary issues. Here are three topics a home construction contract must cover:

Timing: A good construction contract should include clear delivery schedules with many milestones between the beginning and end of the project. Contracts may also include extension conditions such as weather problems or labor disputes as well as liquidated damage provisions in case the contractor does not meet the delivery timeline.

Payments: Construction contracts should always include the price of services as well as the terms of payment. While most contracts include an initial payment and subsequent invoices as the project continues, special payment schedules can be negotiated by the two parties.

Dispute resolutions: Disputes invariably arise during home construction projects, and it is important to address dispute resolutions in the contract. Many contracts require the use of arbitration, which is less costly and time-consuming than courts.

Community Kitchen is LEED Certified by U.S. Green Building Council

Bradford Jacob is the president of EPC Consulting, LLC, in Midlothian, Virginia. In this position he provides consulting services to those working in the energy and construction industries. Outside of work, Bradford Jacob volunteers with the Richmond Community Kitchen in Richmond, Virginia.

The Richmond Community Kitchen was started in 2005, when Meals on Wheels and the Central Virginia Food Bank got together to build a joint kitchen. The kitchen works to serve a variety of individuals who might not have the proper nutrition they need, including seniors, children, and people who are homebound. Through the assistance of a trained team and volunteers who prepare the meals, they are able to help.

Two important aspects of the Richmond Community Kitchen are that it uses locally grown produce, and its building is LEED-Certified. Some of the features that have made the facility certified by the U.S. Green Building Council include roof panels that let in sunlight, as well as lights that raise and lower depending upon the level of the sun. Other features offered include showers for volunteers or staff who walk or bicycle to work and special parking spaces for energy-efficient cars.

A New Administration and Potential Energy Policy and Law Changes

Serving as president of EPC Consulting, LLC, Bradford Jacob is a respected Virginia lawyer who meets the needs of energy and construction sector clients for dedicated contract management and negotiation solutions. Virginia attorney Bradford Jacob’s consulting services extend to Texas, as his firm has an office in Houston.

One key question facing the energy sector involves the new Trump administration and how it will effect global operations on policy and operational levels. A recent article in the Oil & Gas Financial Journal focused on this question and pointed to significant likely changes in the area of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

With a focus on easing restrictions characterized as harming the U.S. economy and job production, areas targeted include Bureau of Land Management rules for hydraulic fracturing. Another area of likely reform is power plant new-source standards, which are mandated by the EPA. Trump also has promised to address “unwarranted restrictions” on latest generation drilling technologies. This may reference methane emission proposals linked to the oil and gas industry.

Unique Features of the Richmond Community Kitchen

A JD graduate of the T.C. Williams School of Law, Virginia native Bradford Jacob has served at a number firms throughout his legal career. In more recent times, he has transitioned into the professional consultancy sector and serves a president of EPC Consulting, LLC. When he isn’t working, Bradford Jacob volunteers in his community and works with organizations such as the Richmond Community Kitchen in Virginia.

There are a number of features that Richmond Community Kitchen make unique among its other food assistance centers. For example, in an effort to provide the freshest and healthiest farm-to-table food for clients, the Richmond Community Kitchen has partnered with local community gardens and farms to source local produce. By doing this, the Community Kitchen is able to put fresh fruits and vegetables in the hands of people who would not otherwise be able to get them.

Additionally, the kitchen itself was constructed using the latest in energy-efficient equipment, including modern lighting technology, a solar paneled roof, and paint with a low VOC content. All of the materials used to build the kitchen were sourced from local companies within a 500-mile radius, and at least 20 percent of the trash generated from the building process was recycled. Thus, not only is the kitchen at the forefront of providing nutritious food to those in need, but it also does it in a building that has a small environmental footprint.

ALSTOM - Optimet Orbanmap

Serving as the president of EPC Consulting, LLC, in Midlothian, Virginia, Bradford Jacob has been a legal consultant for more than 20 years. Bradford Jacob previously served as a Legal Counsel for power supply company ALSTOM where he managed more than $900 million in retrofit projects.

Founded in 1851 in Hornell, New York, ALSTOM began by manufacturing and servicing trains, eventually growing to include 13 sites across Canada and the USA with more than 1,500 employees. The company has a Buy American policy and has produced more than 8,000 rail vehicles, including manufacturing subway cars for the New York City Transit (NYCT).

ALSTOM is currently developing the next generation of passenger rail transportation systems with the Optimet OrbanMap. The new system was introduced at the La Cite du Cinema press conference in Paris, France, in April 2017 and provides Optimet real-time train occupancy, giving passengers a better travel experience with smoother passenger flows.

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