Brad Keltner

Advocate for Divorced Fathers

About Brad Keltner

A devoted father Brad Keltner makes his children his foremost priority. Brad Keltner enjoys spending his free time with his kids, whether they are passing a football back and forth, playing basketball, or just enjoying the pond on his farm.

A former member of the United States Air Force, Brad Keltner now finds inspiration in the teachings of Joel Osteen, as well as in biographies of successful people. When he is not spending time with his children, he enjoys using recycled materials such as brick and stone to create sturdy structures in historical styles. He is particularly interested in castles, whose intricate and intelligent designs seem even more impressive given the lack of available tools and technology during their construction in historical times.

Early in the 1990s, Mr. Keltner attended the Royal College of Chemistry Anglia in Cambridge England. Later, he continued his education at the University of Maryland and the University of South Carolina.

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