Bradley Witham Has A Spectacular Collection Of Designer Dresses

Bradley Witham is an experienced fashion designer with a natural, streak running through his style personality. He entered the world of fashion by receiving Merchandising and Design degree from a famous fashion college in New York. He was born and brought up in a beautiful city called White Plains.

He specializes in creating wonderful contemporary basics and fashion outfits. His designs use simple and sleek cuts that flatter the female body and generate interest with a scrupulous attention to details. Witham makes his statement with the use of comfortable fabrications.

Beautiful fabrics become the basis for every collection. These include contrasting texture, beautiful drape, quirky prints, layers of unique and fresh colors, and many more. He has participated in many nation and international level fashion contests where his collections have won great appreciation and recognition.

Bradley Witham travels biannually to source fabric for his garments. He is very concerned about how the clothes are made and where they are produced. He never uses synthetic prints and materials using a dried out technique. Before designing every piece, he thinks about all the aspects, particularly about the way garments feel, hang, and fit.

He says that it is very difficult to keep every customer happy, as some women might like sleeves, whereas others might feel comfortable in a strapless dress. Witham offers an exclusive range of outfits in different shapes, sizes, prints, and color. He also states that fashion is a very exciting career, but it demands a lot of hard work.

Within a short span of time, Witham has carved a permanent place in the fashion industry with his new energy, innovative ideas, and unique directions. His passion and versatility for designing clothes have made him one of the established designers in the industry.

Bradley Witham has also specialized in “Color and Embroidery”, which is a major part in his majority of collections. He also employs hand trappings in wool threads together with shells, beads, mirror works, etc. in his dresses.

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