Bradley Witham Is A Fantastic And Talented Sculptor

Bradley Witham got the inspiration to become a sculptor from an array of sources in his life. Dance, literature, music, science, and even news photography have all played a very significant role in the development of his works. These types of influences are easily noticeable in his lively sculptures of dancers, and the figures drawn from the Bible, theater, and mythology.

He absorbs a horde of impressions, from the fleeting of ideas to the impact of life incidents. Witham feels that the artistic process involves both unconscious and conscious works in formulating experience.

His recent sculptures exist in a realm that moves across the conscious as well as unconscious. He agrees that in his works there is a transient resemblance to Surrealism. He says that when he had started his work, a few years ago, he felt very close to German Expressionism, and his sculptures were very impressive, with expressively driven movement.

But, now he feels an affinity towards the Surrealists. Bradley Witham was born in San Antonio, and grew up in Florida. His father was a music composer and mother was a singer. He developed a great appreciation and love for the arts in a very early age. He wished to become a painter, and it was during a drawing class at the university that he first thought about sculpture.

His teacher was a sculptor who looks at his drawings and suggested him to learn sculpture formation. The teacher explained that painters and sculptors draw in a different way. Painters give emphasis to dark and light shades, whereas for sculptors curves and shapes are more important. Witham used to draw like sculptors. He did his Masters in Arts from an established university in Florida.

Completely dedicating himself to sculpture, he founded unexpected challenges in making sculptures. He joined a club, which he described as a paradise for young sculptors. At this club, established sculptors as well as students used to work side by side. It is the place where Bradley Witham found a supportive environment to explore his ideas.

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