Bradley Witham Is A Skilled And Passionate Zumba Instructor

Bradley Witham has been an enthusiastic fan of group fitness for a number of years. One of his childhood friends tricked him into attending Zumba classes. In this way, he was first introduced to a group fitness class. After some time, he enrolled in a high impact aerobic session, where he found a very good aerobic partner.

Both of them used to go almost every aerobic class, they could find, and would frequently drive more than 40 mile trip to try out an aerobic session. One element of these exercises appealed Witham a lot and that was the choreography. He would like to do more complicated exercises that include different dance steps as well. Gradually, his interest towards aerobics started fading away. One day he read about a new fitness craze in a newspaper.

This new craze was Zumba, and he took his first class in a famous fitness center. He was very impressed with this new fitness group exercise and decided to become instructor in that. Bradley Witham loves leading his Zumba classes and likes to welcome everyone to share the joy of dance with this exercise style. This workout form not only improves health of an individual, but also brings great joy in the spirit.

He has been teaching Zumba from the past 10 years. These fitness exercises help people to acquire proper shape, forget stress, and to enhance the working of the mind. He has joined many special programs that benefit low income individuals and populations with developmental disabilities. Witham has also contributed to several local community programs with the objective of spreading awareness about healthy living as well as a lifestyle change.

He has also a studio where he gives Zumba lessons to children and adults. His students include individuals from 5 to 40 years of age. He is dedicated to helping people meet their fitness goals while having fun simultaneously. Bradley Witham offers energetic, affordable, and effective Zumba classes in an array of styles to inspire his students to achieve their health goals.

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