A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Brad Neuerburg likes penis
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Victoria's Secret: Valentines
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Brad Neuerburg

                                                Victoria’s Secret: Valentines

What man doesn’t like to see beautiful women in lingerie? What woman doesn’t like to see beautiful women in lingerie and imagine themselves looking like them and being loved for their perfect figures and attractive outfits? Beautiful models with sexy undergarments on create a great emotional appeal to men and women audiences. Men love the beauty of a woman’s body and seeing how they look in such clothing. On the other hand, women want to look like these outstanding models due to their gorgeous bodies. In Victoria’s Secret 2015 Super Bowl commercial, the authors know their broad target audience and use ethos, pathos and logos to reach them.

The Valentines commercial is a very provocative commercial that’s main purpose is to sell Victoria’s Secret most exotic lingerie. They are trying to get the attention of men and women audiences to sell their most extreme outfits, as well as trying to sell their basic clothing like shirts and shorts once the customers come into the store. The claim is that if you buy their lingerie, you will look just like the models in the commercial. This commercial’s argument works very well because Victoria’s Secret has chosen gorgeous models to represent the company and has persuaded many women to want to be like them and many men that want to buy their spouse or girlfriend clothing from this store.

The issue in the Valentines commercial is making the audience recall Victoria’s Secret as a place where finding the perfect underwear can be achieved and where needs can be satisfied. The commercial also makes the audience relate to the models and produce a desire for identification in order to achieve perfection and appear lovely to men. The audience is mainly focused on men and women. However, teens have become a large audience most recently. Teens have become some of their biggest consumers because of the new sexual revolution trends. Women wear underwear to look and feel attractive, and take beauty as a high standard in their life. On the other hand, men like women with nice bodies, enjoying seeing women in underwear, and wish that their partners would dress in the sexy clothing as well.

Victoria’s Secret is a very well-known brand that has a good reputation because of their beautiful designs and quality of their products for many years. The brand name is shown at the beginning and the end. This leads to ethos since they are already worldly recognized they create credibility. Their credibility adds to their ethical appeal as a large well-known company. The commercial also uses their beautiful models that are publicly known by many people. Once potential customers see these famous models, they realize that if these sexy girls wear this underwear and think its comfortable, then I should get some because they are credible.

This commercial displays a logical appeal by showing several diverse women of different hairstyles and skin colors. This shows that Victoria’s Secret clothing is suitable for all types of women that are trying to feel and look sexy. The logical appeal is also that in order to wear their clothing you must have slim well fit bodies. Most commercials use logic by typing up text to put on the screen for viewers to read. However, that isn’t always the best case. This Valentines commercial uses little logical text but instead the use memorable images that their audience won’t forget. The Valentines commercial, in the room near the middle, was obviously in a rich house. This seems to argue that it’s products are for rich, smart, successful people; if you want to be like them buy Victoria’s Secret. Wealthy people also have money to pay for the best products which shows other people that Victoria’s Secret carries the most comfortable and high quality product in stores.

The Victoria’s Secret Valentines commercial best feature is their emotional appeal to their viewers. The models are in their underwear looking beautiful and confident. They all have a look on their face of complete happiness. This makes their female audience want to purchase their product to look beautiful, feel confident, feel sexy, and be happy with how they look in their underwear. These models also makes men feel jealous and want their girlfriends or partners to look as sexy as the models by wearing the same clothing. Women feel jealous too and want to be as desirable so this is there way to seem flawless and beautiful to other men.

Some of the backgrounds and special effects that went into the commercial create a more interesting and sensuous atmosphere. In one of the scenes, one of the models is walking down the street in her lingerie while steam from the steam or some sort of fog surrounds her. This makes the scene seem more intense and seem that much more sexy that there is a girl walking down the street in only her underwear. Also, in another scene, one of the models is on a bed with her backside up in the air looking very seductive. This creates an emotional appeal to the viewer and a very sexy scene as it shows her figure. There is also rose petals that are laid out on the bed that makes a romantic reference that makes the viewer desire such intimacy. They also use fans to blow the girls hair to create a more dramatic effect that produces a sexier appeal on the model as she is laying on the bed.

Another emotional appeal that is continuous throughout the whole commercial is the song that they chose to play in the background: “I’m in the mood for love,” by Brenda Lee. This song is slow and depicts a very flirtatious voice that creates an inviting mood to the curious viewer. The song goes on for the whole commercial as it keeps the mood sexy and mellow to calm the viewer as they watch the stunning models walk around on their television.

In conclusion, I ask myself who doesn’t think this commercial is effective? I do; I think everyone does.

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