Perimeter Educators President Brad Snellings

Brad Snellings, in addition to serving as the president and chief marketing officer of both Protect Youth Sports and Protect My Ministry, is concurrently the president of Perimeter Educators Insurance and Financial Services, Inc., which he founded in Atlanta, Georgia. Perimeter Educators provides insurance and financial services to Georgia’s educators and small business owners. In addition, Brad Snellings is the president and founder of a background screening company he established in 2005, Active Screening. The company is based in Tampa, Florida and in just 10 years of operation, Active Screening has developed into a multi-million-dollar organization with over 20,000 clients, employing more than 70 individuals.

Brad Snellings is an ordained deacon and active member in his church. As part of his service he actively participates in missions work locally and internationally to locations such as Costa Rica and Cuba. He has additionally assisted a New Delhi based organization, the Cooperative Outreach of India, to fund and build wells in remote villages of northern India.

FCA Offers Unique Camps

Brad Snellings has years of experience providing background screening solutions to community groups such as churches, youth organizations, and schools. He launched Protect Youth Sports in 2005 and grew the business to over 3,000 customers in its first five years. Brad Snellings is also actively involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), an interdenominational Christian sports ministry focused on the “Four C’s” of community, campuses, coaches, and camps.

In 2015, the FCA had nearly 100,000 participants in its camps, which combine an athletic experience with a faith-based component, yielding a unique blend of the two. The FCA offers a variety of camp programs including Leadership Camps, Partnership Camps, and Team Camps, among others. The FCA’s Leadership Camps teach coaches and athletes techniques to be spiritual leaders on their team or campus, while Partnership Camps offer participants in existing sports camps a chance to work with the FCA, which provides a faith aspect to their program.

The FCA’s Team Camps give coaches an opportunity to have their entire team at a camp, providing the coach a faith-based platform to foster unity and trust among teammates. To learn more about FCA camps, visit