Braeden's Puppets

The Story of Braeden's Journey Into Puppetry

This is a poster meant to share the story of how Braeden began his journey into puppetry. I managed to capture each image as he completed the process. Below are shares from Instagram as well as youtube videos that he created or asked that we record.

Braeden' First Puppet: Robby the Rad

Braeden used scraps from fleece, plastic spoons, black felt and red felt to make Robby after watching the Muppet Movie and researching on youtube. He was so excited that he facetimed me when he finished!

Start with a Plan

Braeden begins by creating a plan. He thinks of everything from eyes to material to voice. He then considers size and type of puppet. Will it be a puppet with rods or a human-arm puppet?

Create Patterns

Based on his design, Braeden draws patterns that are then traced on to fabric. He labels and cuts each piece.

Gather Materials, stuff and Sew!

Braeden learned to hand sew from his dad. In the beginning, his puppets were stuffed with cotton balls. He is now using poly-fill! Ideas come as he finds material!

Probably not the Safest Way to Handle a Needle

Lenny the Lizard!

Braeden's first full hand/arm puppet! Lenny went on to have his own show too! Braeden created the theme song using vocaroo and edits using imovie. Playing and sharing are his his favorite parts because he imagines that kids just like him might want to learn too!

Polar Puff!

Polar Puff was created with white fur, felt and spoon eyes. For this puppet, Braeden asked me to ask my twitter followers and facebook connections to submit names. He had almost 100 names to choose from!

Riley Willy!

Riley Willy was Braeden's first time playing with accessories. RW is made of fleece, feathers and stuffing. His head and arms are flexible to give him more personality. RW also has bendable fingers that Braeden made by cutting the stems from artificial flowers.

Fancy Flamingo!

Fancy was created after Braeden saw the 2nd Muppets Movie. He fell in love with a scene featuring flowing flamingos. Braeden loves movement! Fancy is made of poly-foam, fur, feathers, fleece and poly-fill. The flamingo has a full body with feet that fit on top of Braeden's shoes so that he can make her walk and dance. He believes that this is his greatest achievement yet!

Braeden's Advice to Future Puppeteers

Don't give up when creating! Sometimes what you plan won't work. That's okay. Keep all scraps and use them again in future creations. Braeden also recommends that you have many areas of interest. He also molds clay into characters that inspire him. This keeps him from being bored because there is always something different to create! Below are some of his clay pieces!