Braeden's Adventures in Puppetry Part 2

What am I up to now? Well, I'm still making puppets and the latest few were just as fun as the first ones. Check out my work below!

My Dog! (no name yet)

I made a dog. Well, he wasn't supposed to be a dog. He was going to be a man but then as I started molding the foam, I saw more dog. So, he's a dog. Here he is sitting on a chair reading my Jim Henson book.

I made him with foam and and two styles of fur. I even made the shirt that he's wearing. His pants were my baby shorts!

He sets things up like this on purpose #braedenscreations #henson

I talked about my puppets to teachers!

I still can't believe that I did this! I talked to a room full of teachers about my puppets. I thought that it be like 10 people. I wasn't prepared for a room full. Then my auntie confused me but I did it. It was weird when people kept coming up to me to say hi. I wasn't sure what to say but I had so much fun.

I made a fur suit!

I know that making a fur suit sounds strange but I really do like mascots and I wanted to make one. This one took a long time because I had so many parts to order. I think that I did ok but I do have one more shoe to add fur to.

I made a duck for a teacher!

Someone ordered a puppet and I finally finished it. I made it with foam, stuffing, fur and feathers. I hope that she likes it.

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! @braedensart

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