Brain Research & Marzano's Dimensions of Learning

Start with Why

Simon Sinek

Marzano's Dimensions of Learning

Dimension 1: Attitudes and Perceptions

-about classroom environment

-about classroom tasks

Dimension 2: Acquire and Integrate Knowledge

-declaritive knowledge

-procedural knowledge

Dimension 3:  Extend and Refine Knowledge

-compare, classify, abstract thinking, inductive reasoning, analyzing errors

Dimension 4: Use Meaningful Knowledge

-decision making, problem solving, invention, experimental inquiry

Dimension 5: Habits of the Mind

-critical thinking

-creative thinking

-self-regulated thinking


With your table group:

READ your assigned Dimension then DISCUSS these questions

How does your dimension relate to something that you already know?

What are some ways you could integrate the dimension into your instruction?

How could you use this in your classroom next week?

As a group create a visual to represent your dimension.

Jigsaw Time

Number yourselves from 1-5 in your group.

Move to the table with your number.

Teach your new group all about your dimension.

Every dimension needs to draw their visual on the Poster Paper.


Let's review...

What are the dimensions?

How did we integrate the dimemsions today within this training?

Exit Ticket

3 things you learned today

2 things you will go and implement

1 question you still have