Speaker Spotlight: Brandon Ramey

This Sunday, we had the privilege of having pastor Brandon Ramey give the message at Providence Community Church. We asked him a few questions to help you get to know him and his message on discipleship a little better.

Tell us about yourself, and your affiliation with Providence Community Church?

"My name is Brandon Ramey, and I am a Texas A&M graduate. I am currently a campus pastor for Grace Church, and oversee the campus called the429. I started at Grace as a youth pastor, which is where I first met Pastor Kort, since we were both doing youth ministry at different churches in the Humble area. We became good friends, and I have been a fan of Providence since it was planted."

What should one do if the person they want to disciple doesn't want to be discipled?

"We are never called to force anything onto another human. That isn't love; it's control. Since everything we do as believers is to be done out of love we recognize that we are  not trying to control anyone, but convince everyone that Jesus is worth following. In order to convince another person of this truth we first must be fully convinced ourselves, and when we live convinced our lives will bear testimony to God's goodness.

At the root of this question though is an issue of the heart. Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, 'Christianity without the living Christ is inevitably Christianity without discipleship, and Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.'

The call to follow Jesus is a call to seek his heart, so we can joyfully do the work of his hands. Discipleship is about knowing Christ more intimately, so anyone not wanting to walk through that process most likely has a bigger issue going on in their heart."

Where in the Bible can I find instruction about discipleship?

The best place in the Bible to look is Jesus' life. His interactions and instructions to His 12 disciples give us great insight to what it means to be one ourselves. Some specific scriptures though can be found in:

Luke 14:25-33
Matthew 28:16-20
Luke 6:39-40
Luke 9:23

Most instructions about being a disciple is about a willingness to lay down your life in return for a life filled with Jesus.

Is there anything from your sermon you would like to add or expound on?

"Everyone is a disciple. The question is who's discipling you?

Any time you follow someone you begin to look like them. The biggest influences in your life are usually the people who get most of your time. We take on their mannerisms, accents, behavioral patterns, etc. The same is true with your relationship with God. The more time you spend with Jesus the more you begin to look like him.

Knowing this I want to encourage you don't despise the process, or the
place of discipleship you are currently in. God is faithful to complete
the good work He began in you. Rest in knowing it's His work, and all we
have to do is surrender. So take time to enjoy the journey, and invite as
many as you can to join with you along the way."

Thanks again to pastor Brandon Ramey! It's always such a joy having you with us!

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3 years ago

Woop! Thanks to Pastor Brandon for sharing his awesome message and follow up on discipleship with us. Brandon, know that you are always welcomed at Providence!