Brandon Colker: The CEO of Sustainable Venture Capital

As a tenured professional in mortgage industry, Brandon attributes success to his excellent customer service skills and always keeping the needs of his client first. Offering a diverse group of funding sources enables Brandon to custom tailor the mortgage solution which best fit his client’s profile and long term financial objectives. Lending is no longer a one size fits all industry and Brandon’s detailed approach to selecting the best product, provides his clients substantial savings over the life of the loan.

Brandon considers it an honor to assist our veterans and active duty military personnel; whether relocating internationally, a local move or simply lowering their monthly payment through a strategic refinance. His sincere approach, sense of duty and personal integrity foster relationships built on trust and performance.

Niche financing is his true strength helping lower income borrowers with strong assets, as well as strong reductions in down payments for purchases. Also, he can help foreign nationals with refinance or purchase transactions

Whether a first time home buyer or seasoned homeowner, you can rely on Brandon to guide you through the complex process of leveraging in our Mortgage Industry today.

Brandon Colker

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