Brandon Osterhout

Using Digital Marketing to Advance Business Growth

About Brandon Osterhout

Brandon Osterhout leverages his background in marketing and communications to develop multifaceted digital marketing and social media campaigns for businesses. Before entering this industry, he earned a bachelor of arts in communications from Fairfield University in Connecticut. After graduation, Brandon Osterhout joined New York-based strategic public relations firm Peppercomm, Inc., where he was selected for the task of opening a West Coast office.

In the early 2000s, Brandon Osterhout helped expand operations for San Francisco Bay Area landscape architecture and design business The Garden Route Company, for which he secured multiple projects worth more than $50,000. He went on to work as a production manager for New York City-headquartered Maximum Impact, Inc., where he accumulated experience in creating and launching digital marketing platforms for beverage industry companies. He brought this niche experience with him to California boutique advertising firm Groove, LLC, where he presently serves as a producer and account manager. Since joining Groove in 2011, he has coordinated all facets of advertising projects, some of which have been valued at upwards of $15 million.

In his free time, Brandon Osterhout studies trends and innovations in digital marketing, and he remains current on the wine and spirits industry. In the past, he has supported global nonprofits, including Doctors Without Borders and the political group No Labels.

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