TCS Foods

What are TCS foods?

Time, Temperature, & Control For Safety

Time, temperature, and control for safety describes a group of foods also known as TCS foods. The "time" part refers to how long the food must be cooked. For example, a whole chicken should be cooked for 1-1 1/4 hours so that it will be cooked thoroughly. It should be cooked at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Controlling how the chicken is cooked, held , and stored can be the difference between a nice dinner and a rush to the emergency room due to a food borne illness.

The above button will take you to a website that shows one health inspection that occurred at a Wendy's. They failed to hold foods at the correct temperatures and this gives way for food borne illnesses to grow and contaminate the food surrounding it. The health inspector, health commission, and the environmental public health director had to call a meeting. when this happens, a business can be terminated or maybe just re-taught. if a customer were to eat the food, they could have gotten sick and could have very well sued the Wendy's.

Therefore, it is not only good for the ones that are eating the food to make sure everything is done properly, but also for the company.

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