Olá from Brazil!

A couple years ago I was given the opportunity to travel to Brazil with my college team and train with youth Brazil academies. Not only did I learn a lot about soccer, it was also an extremely eye-opening experience and allowed me to witness just a little bit of their culture and what makes the country so magical. Check out some of the photos I took while playing soccer and exploring the countrysides of Belo Horizonte.

We flew into an airport just outside Belo Horizante and thirty minutes to Cruzeiro FC soccer team's youth academy. Belo Horizante is about 4 hours south from Sao Paulo.

On the way to Cruzeiro FCs youth facility we passed stretches of miles covered in small shacks.

The architectural design seemed to be all over the place but somehow was tucked in together. The disparity of wealth was obvious. There would be a mansion every couple blocks you go with shacks separating them.


Soccer is life in Brazil and the average kid grows up playing it constantly. Cruzeiro has one of the best youth academys in the world. This is the the youth facility where kids train twice a day and go to school in between.

Here are photos of the first team's training facility. Players will train, relax, strengthen and rehab here. There was everything from tennis courts to billiards to 7 full size soccer fields!

One of the famous streets where there are small shops and street artists

Here's the starting eleven for Cruzeiro FC's full team. It had been raining all day so we were lucky to be able to watch the game. Cruzeiro won 4-1!

Caipirinhas! One of the best (if not the best) drinks i've ever had. It's sweet and sour taste makes quite the drink. Click on here if you want to learn how to make a caipirinha. You can make it with alcohol or without!  

Adeus, from Brazil!