Second Hand Shops for Outdoor Furnitures In Singapore

Living in a first-world country is truly satisfying yet costly. Being a resident in Singapore is satisfying because a person has almost everything he needs at the touch of a button, telephone and smart phone buttons to be exact.

Unfortunately, being a Singapore dweller is costly since basic commodities and other necessities are very expensive. The challenge for start-up costs is greater for expats who are yet to establish their homes in the city-state.

Fortunately, the availability of second-hand stores addresses the needs of these people especially in terms of home furniture. Used outdoor furniture, in particular, are receiving public acclaim in the past few years due to the popularity of the following vintage shops.

Journey East. Customers who want to find vintage furniture pieces that were originally owned by European or American families should definitely head to this store. Situated in Tan Boon Liat Building, this store prides in their rare collection of patio tables and chairs made of teak. Outdoor wicker furniture that was made in the 1940s is also a specialty of this second-hand store.

Second Charm. Teak and wicker furniture is also the focus of this second-hand shop. More specifically, refurbished chairs from French and Italian origins are being sold in this establishment. Customers have applauded this store for the ability of their craftsman to restore the former glory of old lamps or bed-side table.

Like That One. The uniqueness of this store is its concept of seemingly generating new materials from old house pieces. The fact, however, is that the furniture-restorers of this store are skilled in redecorating worn out stools to create innovative home additions.

Expat Auctions. As the name of the store implies, this business sells items on an auction basis. Interested customers simply have to register in the company’s website to participate in the auction at least a week prior to the actual transaction. The website showcases not only outdoor furniture but also essential indoor pieces like cabinets, dining tables, and even grand chandeliers.

Restore Living. A cozy atmosphere, irresistible coffee, sumptuous cookies and a collection of beautifully restored outdoor furniture; these are the unique features of this store. The only thing that buyers would have to worry about in this place is the manner on how they should divide their time between furniture shopping and comfy dining.

Things Your Mother Throw. Ingenious restoration of outdoor furniture by modern artists is the great attribute of this store. Aside from outdoor sofas and reading chairs, this establishment also sells restored artworks and sculptures, items which can enhance the aesthetic value of the external area of any abode.

The varieties of outdoor furniture that can be purchased from the aforementioned stores are endless. Certainly, these items help foreigners and locals achieve decent and presentable materials for their outdoor space. However, for individuals who have the means, spending on brand new furniture, Singapore has a number of outdoor wicker furniture shops that will provide quality yet affordable products for their needs.