My trip to Las Vegas was to escape the cold and rainy weather in Texas for a more pleasant warm weather and to visit family. I did a little sight seeing, enjoyed some live music, and just relaxed. Since this trip was planned 3 days prior to departure, I booked a room using airbnb for the 1st time and found a nice rental home that had plenty of great reviews. While on vacation, I realized that I was only 4 hours from my family in Arizona. Since the last time I visited was in 1998, I decided to make a trip. The view was amazing from dawn to dusk. Being able to see various landforms throughout the drive was pretty cool. I also stopped by the Hoover Dam. I will definately be back again. (If you would like a $25 credit to a future airbnb reservation click the link at the bottom of this tackk to sign up).

My Fremont St. Experience

An Art Student creating masterpieces in the middle of freemont St. As a former Science teacher, I automatically connected Science with Art when I saw this. These pictures could be used for a free writing assignment or to get an idea of what students know about a particular subject.

Incorporating Science
Weathering, Erosion and Deposition