Speaker Spotlight:
Brendan Tanamachi- "Saints"

This past Sunday night began a four week period in which our lead pastor/teaching pastor Kort Marley will be out of the pulpit for rest and rejuvenation. For the next month, we will be spotlighting each speaker that fills the pulpit. The first speaker in our speaker spotlight series is our worship director, Brendan Tanamachi. Each spotlight will allow us to get to know each speaker.

Explain your role at Providence Community Church?

1. My role at Providence is specifically titled “Worship Director”. The reason for the word director is because at Providence we believe in making disciples and planting churches. Yes, I do lead worship on a regular basis, but the vision is that our team would be raising up multiple worship leaders. As the worship director, I not only lead worship, but I also oversee our entire set up and tear down process, our production team (sound, lights, A/V), all social media, and the entire corporate gathering. Let it be clear that I oversee these things, but there are so many incredible and selfless volunteers that make our Sunday night gatherings run! My passion, will always be leading the corporate body of Christ in the response of worship through song, prayer, and scripture.

Why is worship (the corporate singing aspect of our gathering) so important?

2. The singing aspect of worship is of utmost importance. The scriptures tell us time and time again to SING. I also believe that music has a way of connecting our hearts to certain things in a way that normal conversation simply can’t. In music there are so many different brushstrokes of brilliance. From crescendos and decrescendos to what are called “accidentals” (sharps and flats), as well as harmony and melody, music speaks a different language, a language that the LORD masterfully created for his glory. The reason we put a great emphasis on singing at our corporate gatherings is because it’s a specific time set apart for the saints to engage TOGETHER. In my opinion, there are few things more beautiful than the body of Christ engaging wholeheartedly in corporate worship.

Based on your sermon, what are some practical ways for us, the congregation, to prepare our hearts for worship?

3. Preparing for worship is so important, and it’s a concept that is often unknown, or ignored. In my sermon I listed five suggestions that will help in our preparation for worship, but there are two that specifically stand out to me.

  •           1. Prepare- seems simple enough, but this concept is so important. We study for tests and speeches, as well as interviews and other things, so why wouldn’t we prepare before coming to worship the LORD of the universe? A good way to prepare is to spend some time in prayer, asking the LORD to prepare your heart. Worship is not just about Sunday nights, but it’s a lifestyle and a command. The easiest way to worship well is to already be doing it when you come to gathering. Take some time to ask the LORD to open your heart to the word, as well as how you can be a blessing to someone else.
  •           2. Reconcile- I am a walking testimony of this concept. If you have an issue with a brother, TAKE CARE OF IT. The last thing that needs to happen is you being distracted with hate in your heart towards another person. The Bible tells us that if our brother has ought with us and we try to go to the altar, to lay our gifts down and go reconcile. We live in the reality of reconciliation! Christ reconciled us back to the father, so as a response (worship) we reconcile with one another. Take care of things before gathering, so that you are not distracted, and at the same time, if you do decide to hold to your grudge, DO NOT inform someone that you need to talk to them “about something” after gathering. If so, they will be thinking about all the possibilities of what they did wrong the entire gathering. If you can’t take care of it beforehand, then simply approach them calmly afterwards. Reconciliation provides an incredibly free worship experience.

Is there any part of your sermon you would like to expound upon, or add to?

Yes, I would like to speak candidly to the men right now. Gentleman, we are called to lead, and lead well. We always challenge one another to rise up, and worship is one way that we can! If we are not actively engaging in corporate worship EVERY single Sunday, then how can we expect our wives/girlfriends to do the same. We as men have the opportunity to be a living testimony of what the LORD has done for us, let’s not “take a week off” from worshiping! Sing, pray, and worship well!