Why  Kids should have cell phones!

first I am going to show you the reasons your kid should have a phone-

1. If they are in an emergency and by them self wouldn't you want them to be able to call someone or 911

2. Being social with your friends is very important so they could text there friends all the time

3. Maybe they have a friend that moves far away or a family member that lives so far away, they could call or text them to stay in touch without using your phone or the home phone

So there is plenty more good reasons to having a phone but to be fair I am going to show you the bad reasons, but these can be stopped

1. Kids can be up all. Ought texting there friends or 24/7. You could set a rule with your kid if that starts to happen

2. It can get costly. You have to first pay for the phone then pay for it every month then you might have to pay fora case for it or apps that may be on the phone.

3. You don't have that much control of what they can do on there phone

So there is many reasons to have a phone and to not but at the end of the day the most important thing is there safety. So buying them a phone would be very good. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you think about this more and possibly get your child a phone.

Kids need cellphones

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