Brett Galley

High-Profile Event Planner Brett Galley

Brett Galley is the co-owner and director of special events for Hollywood Pop Gallery, an event planning company with offices in New York City; Greenwich, Connecticut and London. Collaborating with her mother Joyce, she creates and produces charity and fundraising events, as well as private parties and corporate functions. Each member of Brett Galley’s team has extensive experience in the arts and entertainment, drawing on backgrounds in Broadway ,ballet, set & floral decor to contribute to the firm’s event planning and design projects.

In addition to comprehensive event planning services, Brett Galley offers a full range of film production options through Hollywood POP Filmworks. From writing a personalized script to filming, editing, and producing, Hollywood POP Filmworks creates custom films for corporate executives and major companies. A recent film, which was created for a CEO’s 50th birthday, was screened in more than 90 different countries.

In her leisure time, Ms. Galley enjoys yoga, biking, and reading.

Why to Hire a Party Planner

As co-owner of and director of special events at Hollywood Pop Gallery, Brett Galley has designed parties for such prominent celebrities and organizations as Diana Ross, Robert De Niro, and the New York Yankees. Brett Galley and her team design each individual party based on the client's needs.

Although many people think that an event planner is an expensive luxury, the truth is that a qualified planner can help a host save money while creating a memorable event. As party planners frequently have long-standing relationships with vendors, planners can offer the same services for less, often saving the host more than 20 percent. Similarly, the extensive contact list of a party planner can provide the host with access to top-quality decorators, entertainers, and other professionals.

Additionally, a party planner's professional experience means that he or she can often organize an event more efficiently and in less time than the host could. A planner has often handled multiple types of the same event, which lets him or her draw from detailed firsthand knowledge and avoid “beginner” mistakes. Similarly, on the day of the event, a party planner can expertly deal with the unexpected and solve problems without taking the host's attention away from his or her guests.