Background/Prior Knowledge

Aaron B.

Ripper by Stefan Petrucha

Is a fiction book that is about an orphan who finds out that his father is actually alive. He tries to track down his father by using the letter that was sent to him when he was 8. He tried to ask the famous detective Teddy Roosevelt to help him by sending him a letter but it was intercepted by a different detective organization. The organization helped him try to find his father but then a series of murders started occurring like the ones that happened in Whitechapel. Then the murderer sent a letter to the police that was written in the exact same style as the letter that his father sent him. He then started to suspect that his father was the famous serial killer Jack the Ripper and was playing a game with him. The person who was his mentor named Hawkings. He thought of Hawkings as a father. Then as the book progresses he learns about the secret anagram that was hidden in the names of the killed people. Near the end he sees the ripper and almost kills him but he escaped. Then at the very end he finds out that Hawkings was his real blood father and also Jack the Ripper.

Published in 2012