Poison Dart Frog


The size of the Poison Dart frog is only about 1.5 centimetres long as an adult. They weigh about two grams and are brightly coloured with red, blue or yellow and many other colours.


They live in humid, tropical environments with a few swamps to wait for their prey. They also live in tropical moist broad leaf forests.


they lave at bottoms of trees or plants that aren't hard to find in the forest. And since the plants aren't hard to find they lay their eggs in them.

Biological Relationships

The Poison Dart frog is part of the predator and prey relationship. Birds and wolves eat the frog, but the frog eats small fish.

life cycle

1.Tad pole with external gills 2. Tad pole with hind limb buds 3. Tad pole with hind legs 4. Tad pole with all four legs 5. young frog 6. Adult frog 7. mother frog lays eggs.

Food Web

Frog eats fish and spider, fox eats frog.


Tropical moist broadleaf forest and some tropical dry broadleaf forest in South America.

Interesting facts

The frogs are about 1.5 cm long in adult length. They are poisonous.

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