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As Brian Drennon knows, the core value of service before self is one practiced by the Air Force; and is described as so on the USAF’s website:

“An Airman's professional duties always take precedence over personal desires.

Service before self tells us that professional duties take precedence over personal desires. At the very least, it includes the following behaviors:


To serve is to do one's duty, and our duties are most commonly expressed through rules. While it may be the case that professionals are expected to exercise judgment in the performance of their duties, good professionals understand that rules have a reason for being - and the default position must be to follow those rules unless there is a clear, operational reason for refusing to do so.


Service before self tells us also that a good leader places the troops ahead of his/her personal comfort. We must always act in the certain knowledge that all persons possess a fundamental worth as human beings.


Professionals cannot indulge themselves in self-pity, discouragement, anger, frustration or defeatism. They have a fundamental moral obligation to the persons they lead to strike a tone of confidence and forward-looking optimism More specifically, they are expected to exercise control in the following areas:

* Anger

Military professionals and especially commanders at all echelons are expected to refrain from displays of anger that would bring discredit upon themselves and/or the Air Force.

* Appetites

Those who allow their appetites to drive them to make sexual overtures to subordinates are unfit for military service. Likewise, the excessive consumption of alcohol casts doubt on an individual's fitness.

* Religious Toleration

Military professionals must remember that religious choice is a matter of individual conscience. Professionals - and especially commanders - must not take it upon themselves to change or coercively influence the religious views of subordinates.”

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Motivate your team to greater success

As the team leader in the business venture, motivating your members is one of the vital things that contributes to overall productivity and achievement of business goals. The presence of a diverse workforce make this task more crucial to any leader in a business.

In order to keep employees motivated towards achieving the overall business goals, you have to understand them. Many companies choose to do this in the form of annual surveys that rate employees on their levels of satisfaction. However, such data is not always objective and suited to the requirements of understanding employees’ engagement levels. To address such issues, companies are turning to subjective methods like people analytics to gain a better understanding of the workforce.

Once you understand the motivation levels of your team, consider the various approaches you can take to show appreciation. A singular approach applied to all employees does not work, as people are diverse in their needs. Some groups of employees can also be tougher to motivate, such as those working in mid-level management. Others are MVPs in their own way, and thus require little motivation. Putting all this into consideration, it is much better where you tailor your motivational approach to individual needs.

Learning and employing the proper motivation techniques takes time, patience and effort on your part to understand and connect with your employees/team members. Learn from every experience along the way and you will be much wiser in your motivational approach.

Brian Drennon is a hard working entrepreneur who is currently the President of Acuity Contracting Group – a specialized distributor of medical devices, supplies, and human allograft tissue.

Principles for a Fruitful Business

To succeed in business today, you need to develop some good virtues and skills. Listed beneath are sets of principles for growing a fruitful business.

Get sorted out

To be effective in business you should be composed, organization will help you finish assignments and keep focused of things to be done.

Keep Detailed Records

Every single effective business keeps itemized records. By keeping up-to-date records, you'll be able to ascertain where the business stands in terms of money and what potential difficulties you could be confronting.

Dissect Your Competition

Rivalry breeds the best results. To be fruitful, you can't be reluctant to consider and gain from your rivals. Seriously speaking, they may be involved in some things that you can inculcate into your business in order to make huge profits.

Comprehend the Risks and Rewards

The way to being fruitful is taking risks to help your business develop.

Be Creative

Continuously search for approaches to enhance your business and to make it stand out from the opposition.

Stay resolute

It requires some investment to make individuals who you are, so stay centered on accomplishing your fleeting objectives and give the rest time to meet up by and by.

Plan to Make Sacrifices

The lead-up to beginning a business is diligent work, however after you open your entryways to the public, your work has just begun. Most times, there is a necessity to put more vigor than you would in the event that you were working for another person. Thus, you need to make sacrifices to be fruitful.

Give extraordinary administration

In the event that you give better services to your clients, they'll want to patronize you whenever they need something as opposed to heading off to your rival.

Be Consistent

Consistency is a key part to huge success in business. This will make long haul positive propensities that will help you profit in the long run.

Brian Drennon is a successful businessman, he is the founder of Acuity Contracting Group (ACG), which was launched in the early days of 2015.

Allograft and Its Processes

An Allograft can be referred to as the transplant of an organ or tissue from one individual to another of the same species with an alternate genotype.

Screening the benefactor

At the point when a tissue recuperation office is advised of a potential contributor, it gets and precisely assesses the benefactor's social and medicinal history to deduce suitability. This Nitti gritty history record is given by the giver's closest relative or somebody who is extremely acquainted with the contributor's way of life and medicinal history. The assessment comprises of more than 50 particular inquiries and includes restorative history, social conduct, environmental issues, and specific medicinal conditions, for example, immune system sickness or cancer. The choice to acknowledge or reject the giver is at first in view of these reactions and the reason or circumstances of death.

Tissue processing

In the processing office, tissues may possibly be processed into numerous products relying upon the aftereffects of the benefactor's medicinal history, level of activities, age, sex, size, and associations, and also on the proposed utilization. Case in point, only the cortical bone from a youthful solid giver ought to be utilized as a part of auxiliary applications. Tissues that are at danger of bacterial sullying should be sanitized or "disinfected." The necessity for tissue sterility varies from that forced for a therapeutic gadget in light of the fact that run of the mill cleansing procedures (brutal chemicals and high-measurement radiation) have exceptionally malicious impacts on tissue properties.

Impacts of allograft processing

Different handling routines are utilized as a part of the creation of tissue allografts, particularly in bone allografts. Fundamentally solid bone can be utilized as a part of unions for modifying or supplanting existing bone or in reconstructive techniques. Bone that is regarded to be less mechanically fit, for example, from an elderly female, ought to be utilized to deliver nonstructural grafts, for example, Cancellous chips or nonstructural cortical items.

Acuity Contracting Group (ACG), is a company that specializes on medical appliances and supply distribution in addition to human allograft tissue. It is founded and Owned by Brian Drennon.

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