Brian Drennon - Dyess

Brian Drennon had a decorated military career as an officer in the Air Force for nearly a decade. His term of duty in our armed forces sent him too many places around the world, including several Air Force bases in the United States. Below is a brief history of the bases he trained at before being shipped overseas, as described in an article by

“For those of you who have taken that drive out west on Highway I-20 going to El Paso, Texas Tech, and points west, you have passed Dyess Air Force Base located adjacent to Abilene. This is one of two major bases where the B-1 is based, and you probably have been spellbound as you watched them landing and taking off as the runway is visible from your car on the highway. And this is where Lieutenant Drennon would spend the next nine months, after graduating from Randolph, before he was certified as completing his qualifications to fly in the aircraft as a crewman. From Texas it was then up to the second major B-1 base, Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, South Dakota, where he underwent an additional three months of training before being classified as “combat ready.” Then his squadron was deployed to Oman and that is how he was in the lead bomber to hit Iraq during the start of the war on that battleground.”

Drennon went on to be a big help in over thirty air missions overseas. He is now separated from the military and is a business owner in Texas.