Brian Frenzel

President and CEO At Tosk, Inc., Pharmaceuticals

About Brian Frenzel

Brian Frenzel is an experienced entrepreneur and investor in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries. He serves as president and chief executive officer of Tosk, Inc., a company developing new pharmaceuticals to block the adverse side effects caused by widely used chemotherapeutic drugs. He also contributes to the development of cell therapy products through his role as member of the Board of Directors of SanBio, Inc., a company developing new drugs to recover function in patients suffering neurodegenerative diseases.

Mr. Frenzel’s work as a private investor includes serving as president of AnVent Group, a firm dedicated to advising and investing in start-up companies in the life sciences field. During his career, Brian Frenzel has led efforts to address important unmet medical needs in such diverse diseases as cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, and AIDS.

Educated at Stanford University, Brian Frenzel earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and went on to earn a Master of Business Administration at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Early in his career, he gained experience in the pharmaceutical industry as Director of Corporate Planning at Syntex Corporation, then the largest West Coast pharmaceutical company, and Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Genelabs Technologies one of the early participants in the biotechnology field.

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