Brian Sirmon - Seeing Things Through

Brian Sirmon has always been dedicated to seeing every project and every task through to the finish, something that has helped to make him an important and indispensable part of numerous professional teams and organizations throughout his career. An experienced law enforcement professional and church pastor, Sirmon enjoys the opportunity to meet challenges head on, and to devise and implement solutions that provide the best outcomes for everyone involved.

Devoted to the public good, and to public safety, Brian Sirmon has always demonstrated the ability to thrive in difficult situations, and to develop swift and effective resolutions to problems in a manner that best works for and protects everyone involved. As an experienced former police officer, Sirmon understands how to work through difficult situations of nearly any magnitude, and to ensure the safety of both colleagues and civilians in what can often be an ever-changing, even risky scenario.

Brian Sirmon, who is currently pursuing a career in the professional Safety Field, understands what the work, effort and determination required to see a task through to completion, even in the most challenging of situations. A focused and well-trained public servant, Sirmon seeks to utilize his considerable skillset, experience and training to provide quality service and support to a professional safety organization; to demonstrate his commitment not only to an employer, but always to the best maintenance of public safety possible.

Sirmon worked in the law enforcement field for over 15 years, and was a pastor/youth pastor for more than 12. He is a dedicated public servant who maintains a strong commitment to the community.

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