The Users' Agent

Usability Consultant - by Contract

Let me bring your users to your development talent.

Brian W Reaves' passion in the usability space drives him to try to make the digital world a usable place. As an usability advocate he states, "usability is not a luxury nor should it be the 'go to' place to reduce project costs; the users should not be last!" He believes we are starting to see digital entities producing products where UX is not an afterthought.

When working as UX engineer, Brian doesn't need an alarm clock in the mornings. It drives him everyday! Brian has a sense of fulfilment identifying users, working with users, reviewing existing products with users, performing user observation & testing sessions, and iterating with development talent. Brian also enjoys hands on work. Outlining projects in mind-maps, preforming card sorting, ideation sessions on concepts, wireframing & interactive mockups, and then working with UI designers & development talent as the concepts come to life.

Brian identifies himself as "The users' agent." He prides himself on being able to understand users, and their needs. He does this by building relationships, listening to them and following up with them on issues. He is then able to convey issue with potential solutions to other team talent.

Brian also excels at ideation. His innovative concepts provide unique solutions, but if not adopted by other team talent or users, his ego does not get in the way.

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