Brian Elgey
Enjoying a Day at the Tracks.

Being part of a state like North Carolina provides an abundant mixture of pastimes and sporting events. One of the most exciting opportunities for anyone in North Carolina is to watch the various racing circuits on the Motor Speedway throughout the state.

It is only fitting that the state of North Carolina serves as the beacon of the auto sports industry. People in North Carolina are proud of their heritage from the Wright brothers taking flight to the various patriotic facilities and landmarks throughout the state. But there is one thing for sure, North Carolina has some competitive race tracks and events that go on throughout the year.

There are over 20 well-known paved drag strips throughout the state of North Carolina, and one of the most famous is the Canton Motorsports Park. The outdoor kart tracks have brought many spectators throughout the state together to enjoy some memorable moments. The popularity of kart tracks has made indoor tracks a welcome and newer form of the racing facility.

Of course, there will always be the paved oval tracks and the dirt oval tracks that give the opportunity for many racing events to take place throughout the state of North Carolina. But one track stands out amongst the many in North Carolina. Located in Concord North Carolina is the historical Charlotte Motor Speedway. The Speedway hosts various forms of NASCAR events throughout the year has been a favorite for many locals and people around the country. Brian Elgey takes great pleasure in enjoying a day at the tracks around North Carolina as a racing enthusiast.

Brian Elgey - Dedicated to the Automotive Industry

Brian Elgey is deeply motivated and highly committed to his professional career as an expert in the automotive industry. He has worked in the industry ever since he graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in business. He has also unofficially worked in the industry for much of his life, beginning when he was just a young child. His father was an expert when it came to the automotive industry and instilled within in his son the same love he had for anything running on a motor.

They would attend automobile races, car shows, and professional sporting events like the Indianapolis 500 races and various NASCAR events. In the neighborhood, his father was known for being the local repairman. He was always willing to help out neighbors and friends with their own car troubles, giving his son ample opportunity to learn all he could from his father. Brian Elgey undoubtedly became an expert himself at a very young age. Soon, he was helping his father instead of learning from him and becoming familiar with all he could regarding the automotive industry.

Now, he has taken over the role as the local car expert and lends a helping hand whenever he can to neighbors and friends. He plans on using his degree in business and his already accomplished automotive knowledge to open a professional shop that works on sports cars and high powered vehicles featured in professional sporting events.

Brian Elgey has been dedicated to his professional career as an automotive expert and repairman since before he knew what having a career even meant. He knew he wanted to work on automobiles since he first watched his father change the oil on the family car in the driveway. That moment was simply the beginning of life lived for automobiles and a never ending hunger to learn more.

In addition to his love for cars and anything with a motor, Brian Elgey is also an avid football fan. It was his favorite sport to watching on television with his father and his favorite to play all through high school. When he was in college at North Carolina State, he never missed a chance to cheer on the school football team to victory on Saturdays. His spare time on the weekends during football season is divided between working on cars, watching the North Carolina State football games on Saturday, and watching the North Carolina Panther games on Sundays.

Muscle Cars of the New Era.

Over 50 years ago the concepts of high torque and high horsepower engines thrown into vehicles was a fun pastime for many racing enthusiasts. It was an era where many people had just transitioned their lives from a World War II era lifestyle of being constantly on rationing and having their minds focused on certain duties from coast to coast. Families would get together and enjoy the opportunity of turning an old model T into a hot rod.

The 60s would come to the picture and bring vehicles that were surpassing 400 hp motors. A new type of vehicle was born in these days. The muscle car with eight cylinder engines and four barrel carburetors that were injecting extremely high amounts of fuel into motors were becoming a craze across the country.

Hot rods have now become muscle cars with the capability of meeting in anonymous areas like dirt tracks and oval tracks that were open to the public to race. Companies from the United States would enjoy a period of creating vehicles straight out of assembly lines with unmatched high-performance engines. Many of these vehicles still have a great value such as the Ford Mustang GT, the Dodge Charger, and the Corvette. Now a new age of American muscle car has been revived. Vehicles like the Ford Mustang and Dodge concept cars are now back to where they started with 400+ horsepower engines. The Corvette is now being produced with over 550 hp. Even European companies are enjoying the opportunity to market high horsepower engines in this new era. Brian Elgey is truly enjoying every moment of the new muscle car era. He currently purchased a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

The Perfect Muscle Machines

A great change has taken effect in the automobile industry on a global scale. Vehicles have been improved through modern technology and production in various ways. Some vehicles have the ability to sustain high impact crashes through various testing. There are now vehicles that have been upgraded with the newest safety features and technology to ensure safe driving.

Even though there are many companies that put safety before the performance, there are now companies that see the opportunity of making the perfect muscle car a reality. Technology is giving the opportunity for people to enjoy muscle cars like never before. Integrations of safety features and high-performance engines are becoming a standard in the industry. These engines are now just as efficient as most driving class model type of cars.

A good example is the 2016 Shelby GT 350. The motor is a performance at a 500+ horsepower engine. Another interesting change in vehicles is the upgraded Chevrolet Camaro. The 2015 Chevy Camaro Z28 is capable of going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds. Even companies like BMW and Nissan have put 500+ horsepower engines into their productions. Recently the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has taken the lead as one of the more powerful production cars on the market. Underneath the hood is a 707 hp engine that surpasses many of its competitors in the American market.

Brian Elgey takes pride in driving his 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. He goes to oval tracks to have his vehicle timed, and the crowd enjoys his car's performance.

Concept Cars are great to Watch at Shows

There are various car shows that go on throughout the United States and the world that bring the newest designs to the showroom. Every year enthusiasts get together to see the newer renditions and models that are soon to be available to the public year in and year out.

Every once in a while there is the opportunity for manufacturers of vehicles to release their vision of future cars that they want to produce. Though these cars are a prediction of production, there are times where they never become manufactured. For the most part, these are the vehicles at car shows known as concept cars. Sometimes concept cars are even taken to racetracks like a part of an exhibition for the manufacturer of these vehicles. The idea is to bring out the most radical designs with the idea of capturing the imagination of the car enthusiast. Though these cars are not in production, some of them are functional and offer insight to the potentiality of vehicles for future manufacturing purposes.

Many of these types of vehicles are seen as prototypes or models to build on. Concept cars are a great way for manufacturers to test a variety of different alloys and designs for a vehicle. The perfect example is aerodynamics. Aerodynamics play a great part of how an engine can be cooled down as well as handling the performance of a vehicle. The composition of motors is also a consistent work in progress for many auto manufacturers.

Brian Elgey is ready to attend the Chicago auto show in February 2016 as he is a great fan of concept cars.