5 Mobile Apps

To Optimize Learning in a K-12 Classroom

Here are 5 mobile apps that can be used for Mobile Learning (mLearning) in classrooms from grades K-12.

This image is a visual representation of how mLearning allows for student centered learning.

Image Source: (Gogos, 2012).

Mobile App #1- Journal Jar

This is an mLearning app where students simply shake their mobile device to get a writing prompt, i.e. an idea of something that the students can write about.

This would be great for any grade level in a K-12 classroom as it gives students a fun way to choose a writing topic that can prompt them to develop their creative writing skills, vocabulary, sentence structure and other English Language Arts skills that are obtained in grades K-12.

Source: (Terrell, 2012).

Journal Jar Image Source: (Terrell, 2012).

Mobile App #2- AudioBoo

This app works on iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. It allows students to record their voices and therefore create podcasts on any topic for their own personal learning and to share with their teachers, friends, fellow classmates, parents and any others in the world.

An example of the use of AudioBoo in a K-12 classroom would be having students create a podcast that could be shared with others in their school outlining current events. Each student and/or group of students could create a podcast each week to outline the most important current events of the past week of the school and throughout the world. The podcast could be shared through a PLN such as the students' class or even school Edmodo, Twitter, Facebook Page or Pinterest.

Source: (JediMasterBlog, July 30 (no year stated)).

Image Source: (Graffin, 2013).

Mobile App #3- Bunsella Bedtime Stories

This app for iOS devices creates and allows the narration of bedtime stories using the own voice of the user. The user's own images can be uploaded through this app, and the finished stories can be shared through email, YouTube or Facebook.

This video is an example of a story from the Bunsella Bedtime Stories App that has not been narrated yet. A student could narrate the story presented in this video, or any other story, and share it with their fellow classmates, teachers, friends, family and even with students in younger grades. This app gives students a great opportunity to be creative in story creation by having the students create their own original story from the app. A good assignment to use this app for in a K-12 classroom would be to have the students create their own story and read it to both their classmates and to a student in a younger grade to strengthen their leadership skills. This would allow students to both be creative, practice their English Language Arts skills and would also allow them to practice their presentation skills by sharing their story in front of others.

Source: (Byrne, 2012).

Video Source: (Bunsella, 2010).

Mobile App #4- VocabularySpellingCity

This app is game-based and creates flexible learning environments by allowing students to connect what they've learnt in school to home through this app on a mobile device! VocabularySpellingCity helps students master spelling skills through fun games. This app allows students to access their teacher's lists and assignments from any device, as long as they have the app.

VocabularySpellingCity would be great in a K-12 classroom as it allows students to work on their spelling in a fun environment such as playing games! Practising spelling skills can be redundant and tedious, but with a fun app like VocabularySpellingCity, students can have fun playing a game while also learning their spelling skills at the same time! Considering that teachers can assign their students lists and assignments, an assignment could be to have students complete an assignment on the app for homework to add an element to the flexible learning environments that this app provides.

Source and Image Source: (VocabularySpellingCity, n.d.).

Mobile App #5- Math Monsters Bingo

Available on iOS devices, Math Monsters Bingo allows students to master their math skills while playing games, such as bingo, at the same time!

This video displays a user interacting with the Math Monsters Bingo App. An assignment in a K-12 classroom for this app could be having students complete certain games and try to get the best score that they can. This game could be a nice break from learning complicated or difficult concepts in class and could allow students to have fun and try doing their personal best while learning at the same time.

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Video Source: (Eclectic Homeschooling, 2013).


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