What Happens In The End?

Z for Zacharia

IS the best book you will ever read. Though it may be science fiction, I guarantee anyone would love this book, sci-fi lover or not.

Facts and Pictures

Ann Burden

Ann Burden is a 15 year old girl living in a valley, untouched by radiation, alone after bombs from a war wiped out most people.

After living alone for over a year, Ann begins seeing smoke in the distance coming towards the valley day by day.

Hidden cave entrance

In fear, Ann hides in a hidden cave when the person reaches the valley.

Ann Burden (left), John Loomis (right)

The man is John Loomis, a chemist from New York in a green suit that protects him from radiation.

Loomis going crazy

After being nursed by Ann after becoming deathly ill, Mr. Loomis begins hunting Ann as she moves back out to the cave.

Loomis' cart

Ann steals the rad suit and a cart that Loomis brought and escapes the valley after confronting Mr. Loomis.

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