Bridget Trizna

Day 4,
We made tags with LED lights. The one I made has a Pokemon with a LED light on the tail. Sadly this is my last day at Circuit Camp. :(

Day 3,
I made a bubble bot with  Jasmine, Nyrel, and Ayah. But then I had to test the fan design I made with a different group because my group wasn't cooperating. I also learned how to solder today and it was fun.

Day 2
we did snap circuits which we made a symphony and LED circuits. we did it in groups. I worked with Julianna, Yasmin, Nyrel and Ayah. During squishy circuit the people in my group were Lucas, Eliot, Mikah, and Charles are theme was a "EEVEE Christmas."

Day 1
we worked with finch robots that we controlled on a program called scratch.