Bridget Trinza

Day 1,
We made clay and LEGO models. I made a Houndoom and the eiffel tower. and I had a really fun day. I can't wait until we start the 3d printing. :):):):)

Day 2,
we made our own chess pieces. it was so annoying to make my game piece. I made a pokemon themed one.

Day 3,
we constructed different buildings on tinkercad. I made the Pantheon and Fort mcHenry. It was hard at first to find the right shapes to use. I finally finished my chess piece. But i had fun constructing the Pantheon and Fort mcHenry.

Day 4,
we each made some changes to our chess pieces. We worked in groups of four to make our own theme parks for our counselor my part was to make the water park. It was a fun day today. :)

Day 6,
we are working on own final project. My final project I'm working on making mini movie set props for videos.

Day 7,
we were working on own project. So far so good. I've already made 10 things and I think I'm well for now. I can hopefully print out some of the things I made before.

Day 8,
I made some new things that you would usually find at a movie studio. The stage I made was finally printed and it took 2 hours to print. I made some changes to my Houndour and Eevee I made. Today was a great day. I have now made 16 items.

Day 9,
I had a awesome day. We created our own super heros. I also played minecraft with my friends and I made my own house with a built in stable with 4 horses and 1 pony. It was a fun day.