20% Project

My game is about a key who has to find his way back home.

Choosing my project (1st Entry)

I chose to do the Advance Scratch Project as my 20% project.

I chose this project because I want to learn more about computer coding.

I want to learn how people make popular video games and computer programs.

I would not like to do this as a career because real computer coding is much harder and you would have to type out all of the code.

Intro Research (2nd Entry)

I listed,in order,what to do on my project.

Introduction Research II(3rd Entry)

I learned how to use the mouse cruiser to click buttons in the game.

Questions Answered(4th Entry)

I figured out how to change my backgrounds when my sprite gets to a certain point.

I found out how to hide my sprite when I wanted to view the title screen.

What you are finding out while doing your project (Entry #5-#6)

Today I learned how to have my sprite jump smoothly and stay on the floor. I also finished my second level background too.

Special terms (Entry 6 & 7)

Some of the special terms that you need to know when coding is:


Looping means to repeat over and over again.

Duplicate means to copy and create another.

Blocks mean to make up scripts, which make a project work.

Animation means project that animates something.

(8th Entry)

Some information that I will need to continue is, Looping,to continue forever. Some others are Duplicate,to recreate the same.

(9th Entry)

Today I learned how to make sprites fade in and out,and to move and disappear. I also hid these new sprites

(10th Entry)

Today I changed my background to fit my story line and added some more levels. I deleted my original title screen and put in "The Door" and added a picture of a door. I added levels 6, and the Final Level.

(11th Entry)

Today I put in sprites that can fade in and out and I also changed the duration of time they stay on. I drew the Final Level background and "The Door" sprite that says messages.

(13th Entry)

Today I created a boss to finish my final level. I used a data code block to create a boss life counter. I also added two doors by the boss's' side. These two doors are programmed to glide back and forth between two locations. If you touch these doors you lose a life because of my code that says "If touching color red change 'lives left' by -1 and move sprite to (location)"

(14th Entry)

Today I added music to my game made by Remixed. It fits really well into my game because you are trying to retrieve your stolen XBOX. So the fighting music fits extremely well. All I need to do is add some of my own code blocks to finish my coding. I need to fix some of my background drawing to make it perfect. I also need to fix my grammar.

(15th Entry)

Today I fixed one of my codes for the bosses's minion and played some other games in scratch for some more information on how to make things better in my game.

(16th Entry)

Today I fixed the problem with my music code so all the songs play at a certain time. This is important because I don't want two songs playing at the same time.

(17th Entry)

My project turned out way different than I thought it would be. I originally thought I would be using a different,less complex,jumping code but it glitched out so I had to come up with a new one. The original name of my project was The temple of the eye,but I decided to change it up because It didn't fit the type of coding I was going to use. After it was done I was very impressed how it turned out.

Final Entry

My project turned out much better than I thought it would. It had a lot more code in than I originally planned. I even added music which was very helpful. During this I have learned how to:

Write a music script,make a smooth jumping script,create a code to switch levels,use data coding to create key health and boss health,I learned how to use operators to combine two sets of code to make a special code script,I learned how to use the sensing blocks to make the bosses health go down.

I want to use this new knowledge to pursue a career in coding. This is because I had a lot of fun doing this type of project and I was very proficient at doing the project so as a job I want to do something I am good at and something that I have fun doing.

I would have not wanted to do a different project. This project has made me look into coding jobs on the internet. I love to code,especially video games. So I would definitely not want a different project.

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