Brigid O'Malley of Naples - Success with Ave Maria University

As a longtime communications professional, Brigid O’Malley of Naples has compiled an impressive list of professional accomplishment, one that includes over 15 years as a successful print journalist, considerable success as a local public affairs manager and as a leader within the local branch of the United States Census Bureau. Amongst her accomplishments is her experience as an Ave Maria University Director of Communications, a position she held from January of 2013 to May of 2014.

As the university’s Director of Communications, Brigid O’Malley Naples successfully maintained oversight of every aspect of the school’s communications and marketing efforts, which was geared towards the development and refinement of a comprehensive strategic communications initiative. O’Malley was also charged with the management and development of the school’s publication, the Ave Maria University Magazine, planning and overseeing all editorial content and production of the publication as well as all related fundraising direct mail pieces, brochures, advertising and social media.

Brigid O’Malley of Naples was responsible for directing all of the university’s strategic communications towards building relationships with, attracting and retaining the school’s students and donors. She was also responsible for the promotion of a professional, future-oriented image that increase the school’s reach and enhance its appeal to an even larger potential audience of students, donors and more.

As Ave Maria University Director of Communications, O’Malley enjoyed the chance to use her exceptional persuasive advocacy and writing skills to reach and cultivate relationships with a variety of audiences. She was ultimately responsible for reinforcing university messages across all media, and to all potential audiences.

Brigid O'Malley of Naples - Former Bureau of the Census Employee

Brigid O’Malley of Naples worked for the U.S. Census Bureau, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce, for over three years. Initially a Crew Leader/Assistant to the District Crew Leader, O’Malley would go on to earn the position of Assistant Manager for Recruiting, and would enjoy considerable success as a valued team leader for the organization.

As Crew Leader/Assistant to the District Crew Leader for the US Census Bureau’s Collier County operation, Brigid O’Malley of Naples was responsible for leading field work on mapping throughout the county, as well as for evaluating the effectiveness of strategies in order to focus on the most rewarding and time efficient approaches. As Crew Leader, O’Malley demonstrated the ability to combine clear and concise communication skills with considerable organizational skill to effectively perform her daily duties. She was also responsible for performing a myriad of administrative functions, including filing and numerous office-related tasks.

Brigid O’Malley of Naples achieved such success in her position as Crew Leader that was offered the Assistant Manager for Recruiting position in August of 2009. This new position required her to manage a team of 60 recruiters and clerks, as well as to provide oversight to a 25 person US Census call center. As Assistant Manager, O’Malley recruited an incredible 12,000 employees in just six months time, and continually demonstrated considerable communications and organizational skill that set her apart from many of her colleagues. Her successful US Census tenure, which lasted from 2009 to 2012, provided her invaluable team leadership experience, something that continues to serve her well to this day.

Brigid O'Malley of Naples - Continual Excellence that Has Been Continually Recognized

Brigid O’Malley of Naples has an extensive record of professional accomplishment that goes back over 25 years. A newspaper reporter from 1987 to 2006, O’Malley continually exhibited a passionate devotion to her craft, not to mention a special skill for both identifying and writing the story that piques and holds onto the reader’s interest from beginning to end.

A veteran of the print journalism industry, Brigid O’Malley of Naples achieved recognition for several publications, though the bulk of her work, and her accomplishments, can be attributed to the time she served as a talented Crime Reporter at the Naples Daily News. The experience she obtained at such publications as the Charlotte Sun-Herald, the Citrus County Chronicle, and even the Sacramento Bee in California, provided her the foundation for what would become nearly 16 years of success at Naples Daily News, where she earned ample recognition for her police and public safety reporting.

Brigid O’Malley of Naples was recognized for reporting excellence with multiple Scripps Reporting Awards throughout her time on the Naples Daily News staff, as well as with First Place in Crime Reporting awards from both the Florida Press Club and the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors, respectively. In 2001, O’Malley was honored to have received the Frances De Vore Award for Public Service from the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors, as well as the coveted Al Nakkula Award for her work in the field of Crime Reporting.

Years after completing her career in print journalism, O’Malley would go on to earn two Special Merit Awards as Director of Communications for Ave Maria University.

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