Brim Aviation

Headquartered in Ashland, Oregon

About Brim Aviation

Based in Ashland, Oregon, Brim Aviation is a utility helicopter organization that provides services for public and private clients. Dedicated to the highest standards of safety, Brim Aviation adheres to all federal and state regulations, and a team of experienced mechanics completes all maintenance in-house. The company operates a fleet of light-engine, high-performance aircraft such as the MD 902, the MD-500E, and the MD-902 Hoist. The firm offers a variety of services that includes aerial fertilization, pipeline construction and survey, short haul, and fire suppression, in addition to assisting Jackson County Search and Rescue and California Oregon Search and Rescue with their efforts.

Led by CEO and pilot Burl Brim, Brim Aviation employs a team of experienced pilots, all of whom are skilled in advance operations and committed to meeting and exceeding safety standards. With regional offices in Alaska and Arizona, the firm is a member of Airborne Law Enforcement Association and the Helicopter Association International.

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