Brion Applegate

Founder & Senior Managing Director at Spectrum Equity Investors

About Brion Applegate

Brion Applegate is one of the founders and General Partners of Spectrum Equity. He began the company with an investment colleague in 1994 with the intention of developing a focused private equity fund in the fast-growing communications, software, and telecommunications industries. In 1993, Brion Applegate and his business partner, William Collatos, were presented with an opportunity to manage an in-house venture capital fund for a large Wall Street Investment bank. Though the bank was well-respected and the fund capital was well over $100 million, the two decided to walk away and forge a new venture capital company.

The early period of the fund saw Applegate and his associates traveling around the country meeting with potential investors. Early investors included TA Associates, Fleet Equity Partners, and Harvard Management Company, which controls the university’s vast endowment, and the company got off the ground with approximately $12.5 million in initial capital. Collatos and Applegate together had over 30 years of investment experience at the time of Spectrum’s founding, and their principle interest had been placed in the communications, software and telecommunications industries. Over the years, Spectrum, under Applegate and his associates’ direction, has expanded into six separate funds totaling over $4.7 billion in private equity capital.

In addition to his role at Spectrum Equity, Applegate has served on the Board of Directors for over forty different companies, including Local Insight Media Holdings, Inc., a lead-generating and directory publishing company, and American Cellular Corp. Further, Applegate is currently a director of FinalSite.

Applegate received a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.                            

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