Quantitative and Qualitative Survey
~Brianna Pittman

A survey to determine Nash Centrals Favorite Class and the approximate siblings most students have.

Quantitative information can be measured by numbers where as qualitative is a description.

This project was used to determine Nash Centrals favorite class. I surveyed 5 different classes to figure out what class is most liked and the amount of siblings most people have. With this survey I can conclude that most students at Nash central like Math and Health & PE. I survey 175 student and out of all 92 like either math or science. I can also conclude that English is the least like subject of them all. I also surveyed 150 students to determine the amount of siblings most students have and i came to the conclusion that most Students in Nash Central High school have 0-4 siblings in their home. Most people have exactly one and very few people have more than 5. The standard deviation for the amount of siblings is 11.1. I chose this question because I love math and i figured that not a lot of people love it also. But to my surprise math and science was tied for 1st place with 26% of the students liking math and 26% of students liking science. Also 14% of students do not follow directions. I also chose how many siblings each has because i have 7 and wondered how many siblings my classmates have. I was surprised to find out that at Nash Central 25% of the students have 1 sibling and 78% have 0-4 siblings. If I was to come with a follow up qualitative question would ask out of all your siblings how many live in your household. But if i was to come up with a follow up quantitative questions i would ask students what is their least favorite subject. Then i would use the information to draw conclusion about Nash Central.

Below are frequency tables, box and whisker plots, and bar graphs showing the amount chosen for each objective.

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