Brittany Brewer

Photography Portfolio

Drop of Water on a Tree Limb

I took this photo for the Elements Project that was assigned in my Photojournalism class in February. This photograph was taken in my front yard right after a brief rain shower. I really like this photograph because I think that it captures a unique close perspective on the raindrop and portrays the beauty and detail of the branch.

Flower After a Storm

This photograph was taken for the same project for which the above photo was taken. I took this photograph very shortly after the other one, in my backyard rather than my front yard. I really love this photograph because of the detail and delicacy of the flower and the picturesque effect of the raindrops on it.

Sister Flowers in the Rain

This was, yet again, taken for the Elements project in Photojournalism in February, and it was taken at approximately the same time as the previous photograph. I really love this photograph because of the vibrant yellow color of the flowers and the detail in the flowers and the raindrops. I also think that it is a good photo compositionally, with an appealing layout and a playfully attractive use of the rule of thirds and other aesthetic techniques.

Sweet Petunia

I shot this photograph in my front flowerbed a couple of weeks ago. This photograph was not intended for any project; I merely decided to do some nature photography in my free time one day. I like this photo because of the composition and the clarity and detail of the petunia.

A Cluster of Flowers

This photograph was taken on the same day, around the same time as the previous photograph. Again, like the other one, it was not taken for a specific purpose, but merely because I thought those flowers were very picturesque. I like the viewpoint of the photograph and the vibrancy of the colors of the flowers and leaves contrasted with the neutrality of the background.

Pale Pink Rose

Like the two before it, this picture was not taken for a specific assignment, but because I felt like doing a little nature photography in my free time. I took this photograph earlier this week, shortly after a storm. The rose bushes featured in this photograph and in others in this portfolio grow in my backyard flower garden. I really like this photograph because of the detail in the rose, and I thought that the little petal in the center gave it a charming point of interest, distinguishing it from all the other rose pictures that exist.

Budding Rose

I took this photograph about a week ago, the same night I shot the photo of the rose above it. Likewise, this photograph was taken on my own free time and was not intended for any assignments. I really love the lighting of this photograph, particualrly the way the light hits and is reflected off the flower. I also love the beautiful clarity and detail of the flower and the thorns.

Blossoming Rose

This photograph was shot with the other rose photographs. My favorite thing about this photo is the way it captures so accurately and beautifully the delicate frailty of the rose petals.

Hibiscus in the Rain

I shot this photograph a few days after my rose photographs. A recent rainshower had covered the leaves of the hibiscus in beautiful water droplets, creating a very photogenic effect. Like most of the other photos on here, I did not shoot this one for a specific assignment. I love the detail in the petals of the flower in this photo and the clarity of the water droplets. I also think the angle from which I shot the photo created a really nice perspective on the flower.

Raindrops on a Rose Leaf

This photograph was taken on the same day as my hibiscus photo. I thought it really beautiful how the raindrops clung to the leaf. That is my favorite part of this photograph: the lovely close vantage point which magnifies the water drops and the way the light hits them to highlight them and make them easily discernable.

Rose in Light

I took this photograph on the same evening on which I shot the photos of the hibiscus and rose leaf. This one was taken a little later that night, though, after our outdoor lamps had turned on. The effect of the lamplight in the bush was ethereal in coloring and very picturesque in composition. I love the vivid, warm, unique colors of this photo and the distinct clarity and translucency of the rose petals, caused by the near backlighting of the paper-thin rose petals and the sharp focus of the macro setting on my camera.

Roses by Lamplight

This photograph is fairly similar to the one before it, but I love the composition of this one so much, I had to include it as well. The same ethereal colors and contrasts between light and dark exist in this photo as in the one preceding it, and all of these elements combine to form a truly magical photo.

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