Battle of Gettysburg

By Brittany Quiring

The Main Generals

Number of soldiers

Union: About 90,000 men

Confederate: About 75,000 men

General Lee's Goal

To break the North's will to fight and have a victory that would convince other nations to recognize the Confederacy

Day 1

The battle began when the 2 forces met accidently

Day 2

Day 3

Pickett's Charge

Aftermath of Gettysburg

*Union Victory

*Turning Point in the war

*South lost chance of foreign influence in the war


Union: 23,000 casualties

Confederate: 28,000 casualties (more than 1/3 of Lee's army)


The Gettysburg Address

*Abraham Lincoln delivered the address in November 19, 1863

*He praised the bravery of Union soldiers

*He renewed his commitment to winning the Civil War


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