Wonder Presentation By: Britani
Wonder Character in the Spotlight: August

Part One: Character Influences

August's tie to the theme is that he learned a lot about bravery. This is when he finally decided to go to school. I think that this was really brave to do, especially when he found out that when he had to go meet Mr. Tushman, he had to meet other kids. I wouldn't have been able to do that if I were him. I am really brave, but still, I couldn't have been able to  be that brave and do that.

Part  2: Character's Tie to the Theme

I think the character that influenced August the most was Jack. This is mostly because it looks like he didn't care if he was seen with him. He didn't care if he was seen talking to him normally, without acting like he was the most discusting person in the world. That is what real friendship is. When friends aren't afraid to be seen with you. I also think the character August influenced the most was Summer. This is because their relatioship is important to everybody. Summer didn't care if she was seen talking to him like a friend  just like Jack did. I really like the fact that they were like that the most to him. August influenced Summer by telling her the truth about him. He didn't care about how she reacted, or if she was upset or sad he would help her figure out the problem.

Part Three: Art Representation

This piece makes me think of August because all of the yellow flowers are like everybody else, they look normal, and August is the red one, who sticks out to everybody else and looks different. He says that he is very short, but to me, he acts as if he is the tallest one in the grade because every body knows his name, and that he is the "deformed" faced kid that everybody knows. I would be so scared if that was me sticking out to everyone. August is either REALLY brave or just plain used to it and is very good at pretending that he doesn't notice everyone staring at him.