fishing fun sport that anyone can do

fishing is a fun and easy sport that anyone can do. u can fish in all sorts of things dams, lakes,rivers,creeks and the best place to go fishing is the ocean.some people go fishing to catch a meal and some people go fishing for entertainment. when u go fishing there is many things u can use as bait u can use what is called live bait with is useing things that are alive our where once alive there are also things called white bait with is like squid and prawns and many other thing.there are soft plastics that are fake things made from soft plastics there are also things called louers they are hard fake fish some are made from metal some are made from solid plastics there is a soft plastics and hard louers for every fish the is bait for what ever you would like to catch you can catch all sorts of fish and other sea life like crabs and squids

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2 years ago